A modern Print MIS in the Cloud

Keyline redefines MIS. With refined concepts, an open architecture and a focus on features that truly matter.

Integrate everything

Our comprehensive REST API provides seamless integration with e-commerce platforms, web shops, ERP systems, financial software and services like GMail, Google Maps, Dropbox and many others.

Increase production efficiency

With our digital print bag you are always ahead of the game. It tells you the state of every order, what's up next and where problems could arise. You simply can't be more on top of things.

Easy to adopt, yet powerful

Our modern user interface makes your employees Keyline experts in minutes. But don't let that simplicity fool you, it's still a versatile system with top notch configurability – without calling tech support.

It's time for better software, isn't it?

Keyline combines everything that you came to expect from a classical print MIS with the ease of use and open architecture of 21st century software.


It's never been easier to process and calculate job inquries. Choose from a plethora of templates or create your own in seconds.

Define individual component finishings, required materials and processing steps – effortlessly.

Keyline can automatically order out-of-stock supplies when it notices an upcoming shortage.

Make your sales personnel more knowledgable and helpful, without expensive trainings or workshops.


Everything is possible, if you need it. Keyline offers a wide range of modules that you can tailor to your needs. No matter if you run a small print shop or a big enterprise.

  • Calculate with up to ten different print runs per order, including as many variants as needed.
  • Different brands allow for numerous corporate identities, each with individualised invoicing and customer care.
  • Warehouse management with checkin/checkout using barcodes and a mobile iOS app.
  • Calculation of material demands and automated order generation for supplies such as paper and colours.
  • Easy to use sheet configurator with manual or automated multiple-up alignment.
  • APIs connect shop systems such as Magento, Shopware, osCommerce, financial software, suppliers etc.
  • Innovative production planning with a clear interface for fast and simple job handling.
  • Print bag with task specific information on mobile devices – available in seconds via barcode scan.
  • An order-centric messenger allows direct communication between employees across your entire organisation.
  • More than a thousand preconfigured machines, products and task templates allow you to start quickly. You can then fine tune everything as needed.

Almost there

Keyline is currently in beta testing with several printeries to perfect the interface and processes. After that, Keyline will roll out in the UK in late 2017.

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