More than just features

Keyline is not just a modern Print MIS, but more. With Keyline, you can lift your productivity to a new level. Starting from calculation to production and logistics.


  • Cloud-based MIS that stretches across the entire printer's operation: Management, Manufacture and Machine
  • Web-based, can be used in any modern browser on any platform and any system that is connected to the Internet
  • Mobile devices, iPad and iPod for usage in production environments and storage
  • Open API that can write and read any data object within Keyline
  • Open Event hook system that can fire information from Keyline to any HTTPS endpoint when certain events occur
  • Automated backups
  • Constant performance and security monitoring
  • 24x7x365 availability, 99% uptime (expect planned maintenance)
  • Available in English and German
  • Systemwide as you type search for easy access to almost any Keyline information
  • Monthly or early fee, low upfront cost


  • State-based order management
  • Meta-information about orders: responsible people, customer, addresses for offers, invoices, deliveries, due dates
  • Offer generation via PDF and automated email delivery with delivered/opened/read tracking
  • Order confirmation via PDF and automated email delivery with delivered/opened/read tracking
  • Orders can have multiple products, can be archived, duplicated
  • Won vs. Lost tracking


  • Calculation of process costs and contribution margins
  • Calculation based on formulas that contain product-specific variables (such as number of colours, pages, page sizes, paper type, more than 100 available) and user-specified machine-specific variables (such as sheets per hour, etc)
  • The usage of Excel-inspired functions is available inside formulas, as well as logical constructs (if, else, case)
  • Additionally to time-based formulas, direct prices for in-house or external costs can also be added to the calculation (i.e. click costs for digital printers)
  • Products can be split in several components with different page counts, colours, papers and sizes
  • Various variants per component possible (i.e. language variations)
  • True, semantically correct (pages, folding sheets, etc.) on-sheet imposing that is not only used for calculation but can be retrieved via the API and then feed into the pre-production workflow
  • Print data file information handling with pre-processing status and message tracking
  • Complete separation for production description and production path settings allows for the calculation of various production paths (i.e. digital vs. offset) for the same product, including all finishing machines
  • Comprehensive pricing overview with a focus on price selection based on product and CRM criteria (customer history, earlier margins, printery utilisation)
  • Fast calculations which allow direct output to online shops (< 2 seconds on average)
  • Comprehensive product templates (down to price and imposing settings), templates can also be created from existing products
  • Outsourcing of tasks to other printers possible (when both use Keyline state information will be shared)

Production planning

  • Genetic algorithm for fully automated production planning
  • Keyline knows the dependencies of each task in production manufacturing, including required materials and dependencies between tasks
  • Several inputs are taken into account for planning: due date, priority, material availability (known from supplier information, statistically computed or actually transmitted when ordering via the API), machine availability, task interdependency, manual overwrite is always possible

Stock keeping and inventory

  • All materials, even those created in the printing process are considered materials
  • Storage areas with predefined materials
  • Material transport information tracking (such as withdrawal, placement, movement) via web or mobile devices, including quantity, date and user information
  • Automated material orders, either job-based or threshold-based
  • Comprehensive list of all buyable materials with separate material quoting, so that it is possible to have different prices for the same material from different suppliers
  • Automated invoice generation when the material was ordered through Keyline, which only has to be checked by accounting when the supplier invoice arrives, instead of manually typed in


  • Flexible logistics system that allows pick & pack of almost any configuration
  • On-the-fly storage areas are used for picking
  • Comprehensive iPad, including security-modes that require items or storage areas to be scanned before packed
  • Delivery notes, packaging lists and stickers for each packaging
  • Carrier integration allows for automated tracking code generation and storage, which can be easily found via Keyline search
  • Status tracking of parcels (also for the customer)


  • Invoicing for incoming (suppliers) and outgoing (customers) invoices
  • Automated line item generation based on orders and offers
  • Accounting categories for easy import into bookkeeping tools such as Xero, Sage or DATEV
  • PDF generation and automated emailing of invoices including sent/delivered/read tracking
  • Cancellation of invoices
  • Credit notes possible for reverse invoicing or provision


  • Time-frame based reporting
  • Excel-based export for bookkeeping relevant information
  • Comprehensive statistical overview inside Keyline with intelligent visual presentation

More to come…

We don't lean back, but improve and extent Keyline every single day. Here's a short outlook on some of the things that we're working on. We're always happy to discuss our roadmap with our customers and change priorisation accordingly.

Roadmap 2018

  • App-Store
  • Keyline-to-Keyline collaboration
  • Marketplace
  • Lettershop integration
  • Web printing and LFP
  • Your ideas?

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